How to create Welcome message, Icebreaker, commands and location button in a WhatsApp Chatbot


15 Feb 2024


Isn’t it awesome if we could send an automatic welcome message to our WhatsApp subscriber as soon as they enter the chat window or have some prebuilt questions for them to just click on icebreaker and some command bot for our WhatsApp chatbot?


BotSailor has brought these new features to the WhatsApp chatbot: A welcome message, an Icebreaker, and commands A welcome message is delivered to subscribers as soon as they enter the chat window. Icebreaker helps subscribers easily start a conversation with the chatbot. And a command helps to do a particular task on the chat.




In this blog, we will see how to set up and use them on the WhatsApp chatbot. First, let’s see how to create a Welcome message.




Welcome Message:


We need to follow a few steps to create and set up the Welcome message for the WhatsApp chatbot.







  1. Go to WhatsApp “Bot Manager” from the BotSailor’s dashboard.

  3. Scroll down and click on the “Actions Button.”

  5. Edit the “Get Started” to match your requirements. By default, there is a text message. You can edit the text and add more components to the bot reply, just like we create chatbots.




Step2: (Turn on the Welcome message)


After creating the Get Started message from BotSailor, we need to turn it on using the WhatsApp cloud API. To go to the WhatsApp cloud API and turn it on, follow the instructions given below.





  1. From BotSailor’s Dashboard, go to “Connect Account” and then click on the 'Manage' button of the connected bot on BotSailor. Alternatively, simply click on the provided link to access the phone number settings page of the WhatsApp Cloud API.

  3. Click on the settings button.

  5. Then select “Automation” and click on the “Turn on” button of the Welcome messages.

















That’s all. Now, whenever a subscriber enters the WhatsApp chatbot, this Welcome message will be sent automatically. A fully functional chatbot can be implemented for the Welcome message.








Icebreaker needs to be created first from the WhatsApp Cloud API, and then we need to create bot replies from BotSailor for that Icebreaker. We can have multiple questions in the Icebreaker; each icebreaker item will require a different bot with the keyword used as an icebreaker question.


Let’s see how to create icebreakers.






From the WhatsApp cloud API, go to the Icebreaker options and click the “Edit” button. Then add Icebreaker questions and save it. We can have multiple questions on the Icebreaker.














Now, we need to create bots using the Icebreaker questions a