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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to link your WhatsApp bot account to BotSailor; all you have to do is establish a WhatsApp Cloud API using the phone number you wish to use for the bot account. And then connect the WhatsApp Cloud API to BotSailor. You may watch the video tutorial or read our in-depth article to find out how to accomplish it.

Video Instruction:

Unlike WhatsApp you don’t need to create a business or Cloud API to use Messenger and Instagram bots. Just connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page and then import your Facebook page to BotSailor. By importing the page, BotSailor will get access to Facebook page and Instagram account.

Watch the Video Tutorial or read the detailed blog to learn.

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Video Instruction: ###

First, you need to create a bot account from the Telegram app itself by using the Telegram bot called “BotFather”. After creating the bot, collect the bot token to connect it to BotSailor.

Video Instructions:

Sequence messages are sent sequentially after the chat window with the bot ends. You can create multiple sequence messages for any subscribers who come into the chatbot. You can use sequence messages to follow up with your subscribers regarding any offers that you may have.

Learn more about Sequence:

Chatbots can be used to collect user information, which could include anything such as name, phone number, email address, age, location, etc. The most feasible option for collecting information is to use the "User Input Flow and Custom Field" feature. By utilizing this option, you can store data in system or custom fields to use later for various purposes.

Learn how to use the “User Input Flow and Custom Field”:

This problem occurs when you have multiple app added to your WhatsApp cloud API phone number. Please remove the extra app that you have added to your WhatsApp cloud API.

This might be because you haven’t added the correct webhook URL to your WhatsApp cloud API. Therefore, please navigate to your WhatsApp cloud API configuration and add the callback URL and verify token from BotSailor’s connect page.


Yes, you can definitely do that. You need to get a White Label license to resell the BotSailor services to your users. You can simply get a White Label license and start reselling with your own domain and branding.

Absolutely! You can indeed accomplish that. Sending WhatsApp broadcast messages to any WhatsApp number is possible. All you have to do is import WhatsApp contacts into BotSailor as subscribers from the subscriber manager, and then utilize Message Templates for broadcasting.

Yes, BotSailor offers integration with Shopify and WooCommerce to automate WhatsApp messages for various order notifications, such as order confirmations, cancellations, delivery updates, cash on delivery confirmations, abandoned cart notifications, and more.