Be a Botsailor Affiliate Partner!

BotSailor Affiliate Program enables you to stand out and provide a unique experience for your audience while earning 25% recurring commission.

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Who should join our affiliate program?

Our most popular affiliate partners are:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Software Resellers

  • Ecommerce Businesses

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Freelancers

How does the program work

+ Apply

Apply for our Affiliate Program: Visit our website and fill out a short form then wait a bit until we reach out to you.

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+ Promote

Spread your words: Spread the word about BotSailor to your network, blog, video anyway you can. Promote BotSailor!

+ Make Money

Get recurring commissions: Get 25% commission when your referrals purchase BotSailor. Keep making money every month form your referrals. Withdraw as soon as your affiliate balance become $50.

Why BotSailor?

BotSailor is a no-code chatbot-building platform for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Our AI integration in chatbots can make your bots stand out easily. Our drag-and-drop visual flow builder helps you build a complex bot for your business with ease.

Broadcast Unlimited Messages

You can send unlimited broadcast messages anytime without any restrictions. Not only messages you can also send order update, discount coupons, notifications and many more easily. Just select subscribers and send!

Analytics and Insights Dashboard

Botsailor's analytics dashboard offers records on chatbot performance and user interactions, allowing you to optimize and improve your strategy. It tracks conversation metrics, consumer engagement, and overall performance monitoring.

Automate Notifications

Integrate BotSailor with ecommerce platform like Shopify and WooCommerce through Webhook Workflow feature to automate order update notifications or payment and other notifications.

Why should you join?

Recurring Commissions

Get 25% commissions on every referrals who subscribe.

Earn form Referrals

Keep earning 25% commission every time your referral renew subscription.

Get help any time

Our team is always ready for your any query and help you along the way. Just keep promoting.

We provide meterials

We prepared everything from logos and banners to content ideas and landing pages to help you get started right away.

Monthly Payment

Withdraw your commissions every month with ease through Paypal and Bikash. Join Now