Sell more with Messenger

Display your products directly on the Messenger bot. Sending automated messages tailored to the customer's inquiry with the products you have for sale is effortless with BotSailor's Messenger bot. Utilizing a Carousel reply is ideal for showcasing multiple products, allowing customers to scroll through and view them. Provide detailed information and offer purchase links to prompt action.

Collect user information using the User Input Flow

BotSailor's User Input Flow and Custom Fields on Messenger chatbot give you the power to collect user information in a conversational way. It can mimic a real human and gather information from your valuable customers. This will help you gather and store data from your subscribers to further segment them and target the right audience with personalized messages. Exporting the User Input Flow data can be highly effective for use on any site or application.

Keep your subscribers engaged by sending follow-up messages

Sequence campaigns are an effective way to maintain active customers interest as you keep up sending them valuable, relevant content. Construct sequence campaign at each stage on the client’s journey. Sequence campaigns send out automated message to each person of your audience who opt in to the sequence on chatbot. Sequence messages can be sent as long as 30 days from the 1st minute of the opt in. A complete chatbot flow can be contained in any sequence message.

AI Reply on your Messenger Chatbot

BotSailor has integrated ChatGPT for you to use in your Messenger bot, enabling you to provide AI-generated replies tailored to your customers' queries. You can incorporate the AI reply anywhere in the bot. The optimal approach is to utilize AI for the "No Match" reply bot. Simply provide instructions (Command Prompt) to the AI, and it will operate automatically. The AI reply leverages ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to offer the best possible responses to customer inquiries.

Conditional Reply

You may not always send the same chatbot replies to everyone, that's where conditional replies come in. Customers can be male or female, and you don't necessarily want to send identical responses to both genders. The bot's condition will check the user's gender and send replies accordingly. You can have different responses set for males and females; the condition will verify and then send the appropriate replies. A conditional bot can check various factors, including age, labels, or any custom field data you have already collected.

Persistent menu and Icebreaker

The Persistent Menu and Icebreakers serve to initiate conversations for brand new subscribers who land on your Messenger. The Persistent Menu appears as a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Messenger menu, usually depicted as a burger or three horizontal lines, allowing users to easily locate what they need. Icebreakers consist of commonly asked questions that new subscribers are presented with, enabling them to obtain automated replies simply by clicking on them.