Cash on delivery is a method of payment where cash is paid after the goods have been delivered. Because it reduces the worry involved with purchases, it is a very popular and convenient payment option among online shoppers. Also, this is beneficial for eCommerce store owners who are trying to gain their customers' confidence.

The e-commerce sector benefits greatly from the use of COD, or cash on delivery. It brings in a lot of business for any industry. However, a big weakness of COD is that it is a big source of operational costs due to cancellations, as customers frequently unintentionally order an item, cancel it, and place fake orders by providing an invalid phone number.

So, it’s a best practice to verify the Cash on delivery (COD) orders before starting the delivery process. In this article, we will show you how to use BotSailor to confirm Shopify cash on delivery orders using WhatsApp. You will be able to send a WhatsApp message as soon as a user creates an order with COD. In the message, they will get options to confirm or cancel the order.


With BotSailor, it's really simple to create a campaign for WhatsApp cash-on-delivery order verification. You need to follow some simple steps to create a successful campaign for COD verification through WhatsApp.

Just follow the steps below to verify the Shopify cash-on-delivery (COD) order by WhatsApp with BotSailor.

First, we have to integrate the Shopify store with BotSailor. We can integrate it from the integration. You will find the Integration in the BotSailor’s left navigation menu on the dashboard. We have shown how to integrate a Shopify store with BotSailor in a separate blog.

Please go through the blog if you haven’t integrated the Shopify store yet.

After integrating the Shopify store with BotSailor, we have to create a message template. For a business initiated message or to send a message outside the 24 window we must use a message template. That’s a rule from WhatsApp. So, first, we need to create message templates. We can create message templates manually by clicking on the create button. Also, BotSailor has the option to create default templates. To create a message template-

  1. Go to WhatsApp Bot Manager
  2. Select the WhatsApp Account
  3. Select Message Template
  4. Click on the “Create Default” button to create default templates.Or create your own message template. If you create new template, make sure add two quick reply, one for confrim order and another is for cancel order.
  5. Check the status of the templates by clicking on Check Update, and wait until they are approved.




After creating the message templates, we need to go to WooCommerce and Shopify Automation. From there click on the Create button. As soon as we click on the button, we will get a form to create the automation campaign.

  1. Give a name to the campaign, select the store type, and select the store from the drop-down list.
  2. Then select the action as COD verification
  3. Then we have an option for message delay. By default, it is 15 minutes, but we can change it if we want.
  4. Then comes the message template. The message template is already selected depending on the action we have selected. In this message template, we have 2 buttons, one is for confirming the order and the other one is for canceling the order.
  5. For each of the buttons, we need to select a postback. By default, there is an action button postback for confirming and canceling buttons. We can also use manually created postbacks for these buttons. (We can find the default postbacks on the Actions button menu. If you don’t see these two action buttons then just reset the action buttons. We can also edit these action buttons, to edit just click on them.)
  6. In the action, select update tag for confirm button. Then write the note. By default, there is already a note. You can change this note if you want.
  7. A postback and the action are already chosen by default for the Cancel Order button. Additionally, the postback and the action can be manually specified.



In reality, we don't need to do much. Almost everything is selected by default. We also have options for labels and sequences. We can assign labels and sequences for users. Simply click on the form field and choose from the drop-down list to provide a label and sequence.

Finally, save the campaign. That’s it.

When a user places a Shopify order using cash on delivery, they will receive a WhatsApp message asking them to confirm or cancel the order by simply pressing a button. This allows us to determine whether the order is genuine or not.

You can also watch the video instruction to learn how to send a Shopify COD order verification message on WhatsApp:

If you face any problem, please let us know here or you can create support ticket from your BotSailor panel.


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5 Feb 2023
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