Transmit BotSailor Data to Any 3rd-Party App

BotSailor’s Outbound JSON Webhook allows you to set up a webhook or API call to send chatbot data to a third-party website or application. This data can be used for various purposes. You can use the User Input Flow and custom fields to collect data and then send it to any third-party website for processing or to your data warehouse. This is made possible by using BotSailor’s Outbound JSON Webhook.

How it works?

BotSailor transmits a JSON payload to a specified endpoint (URL) whenever a notification update occurs, such as when a message is received or User Input Flow data is collected through chatbot. You can configure which events to send to a particular endpoint, enabling you to filter out unnecessary data and only send relevant information for your application. Upon receiving the data, a POST request is sent to the designated endpoint. You can then use this data to store information or process it for various purposes.

Advantages of using Outbound JSON Webhook:

Real-Time Data Transfer:

When an event happens, webhooks enable quick data transfer to third-party websites or apps, guaranteeing prompt updates and solutions.

Improved Efficiency:

By sending only relevant data to specified endpoints, webhooks streamline processes and minimize the handling of unnecessary information.

Customizable Triggers:

Users can configure which events trigger the webhook, allowing for precise control over the types of data and events that are sent.


Webhooks facilitate automation by triggering workflows or actions in other applications without manual intervention, enhancing productivity.