Automate Shopify Order using WhatsApp webhook Workflow

Integrate your Shopify store to BotSailor with ease! This lets you send order notifications such as cash-on-delivery (COD) or pre-paid orders notification via WhatsApp. With BotSailor, handling order notifications and payments info in Shopify becomes simpler for you and your customers. Imagine you sell clothes online. A customer buys jeans. Right away, they get a WhatsApp message showing the jeans size, color, quantity and delivery date.This keeps them informed and happy about their purchase.

In order to integrate Shopify in BotSailor you must create a Message Template first and Integrate Webhook. You can learn more about Webhook integration in our “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow” page after that you can follow the steps below.

  • Copy “Webhook Callback URL” and go to your Shopify admin page.

  • Then go to settings and click on notifications.

  • Now click on webhook and create a new webhook.

  • In the event section select Order Creation and keep the format to JSON.

  • In the URL section paste the call back url that we copied from the BotSailor.

  • From the Shopify setting send a test notification.

  • Now go back to BotSailor and click on the Webhook response button.

  • Now set up your “Webhook Response Mapping”, set “Data Formatters” if needed, and save the Webhook.

You are now ready to optimize your e-commerce operations smoothly with Shopify integrated with BotSailor via WhatsApp Webhook Workflow.