WP Elementer Form

Integration of Elementor form with BotSailor is just a few steps away. After the integration, BotSailor will instantly send an automated WhatsApp message to the form submitter and add them to BotSailor as a subscriber. For a new subscriber or outside the 24-hour message window, WhatsApp doesn’t allow an ordinary message to be sent to the subscriber. It only permits the sending of special WhatsApp message templates approved by them.

Follow these steps to create automation for Elementor Form submission:

  • Create a WhatsApp Message template using BotSailor.

  • Generate a webhook workflow URL from BotSailor’s Webhook workflow.

  • Design an Elementor form, ensuring it includes a WhatsApp number field.

  • Incorporate the Webhook URL into the Elementor form settings.

  • Proceed to map the campaign with sample data.

  • Lastly, save the Webhook workflow campaign.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the blog accessible via the following link

Watch the video tutorial to grasp the process of integrating Elementor Form with BotSailor.