At BotSailor, we're passionate about making things better for our customers. That's why we're constantly innovating and adding new features. We listen closely to what our users tell us and use that information to develop features that truly address their needs. This ensures you have the right tools at your fingertips to streamline your business operations and unlock your full growth potential.

WhatsApp Flows

WhatsApp Flows is a new feature within the WhatsApp Business platform that allows businesses to create structured interactions with users through chat. This feature simplifies interactions with customers on the WhatsApp chat interface and is now available in BotSailor.

WhatsApp Flows simplifies processes such as appointment booking, feedback collection, and content promotion. It also allows for easy collection of customer details, confirmations, and reminders, and integrates with content recommendation flows to drive conversions.

The WhatsApp Flows Form is an efficient and reliable way of collecting customer data, making it essential in business operations for data collection, lead generation, process optimization, enhanced customer interaction, brand promotion, and cost-effective information collection. Forms make it easy for systematic data collection, enabling efficient decision-making and analytics.

WhatsApp Icebreakers

WhatsApp Icebreaker lets you use pre-written conversation starters that you can set as you wish within your WhatsApp chat. BotSailor brings you the WhatsApp Icebreaker feature so that your customers can overcome awkward silence and start the chat in a pointed way

This will help your customers feel more welcomed in the chat and also have a directed conversation. With Icebreaker, you can set questions that your customers might be looking for answers to or some prompts as you wish.

Basically, it will help your customers break the initial conversation tension. This can be beneficial for introverts or those who find starting conversations challenging.

WhatsApp Commands

Using commands in WhatsApp is a faster and more engaging way to get things done. They're like shortcuts, letting you skip long messages and avoid digging through old chats. Commands can even handle boring, repetitive tasks for you, saving you time and trouble. They can also do more than just chat, letting you schedule meetings, create polls, and add other fun features. Clear commands make group chats easier to follow, especially when there's a lot going on. In short, WhatsApp commands make things quicker and more interactive.