How to send Sequence Messages on WhatsApp by using BotSailor


22 Nov 2023




Hello! Chatbot Marketers,


Nowadays, buying and selling goods through Online Business Platforms is increasing rapidly. Digital Marketing Analysts think that to earn more profits, you have to engage more customers and sell more. However, without analyzing and automating marketing efforts, it is a bit tough to achieve marketing goals and improve customer engagement. So, if you want to automate your marketing efforts and improve your customer engagement, even if you feel the hassle of sending personalized recommendations to users or continuing to follow up with them; this content must help you more.





In this blog, I’ll discuss sending Sequence Messages campaigns on WhatsApp using the BotSailor Chatbot tool(powered by Xerone IT). Actually, the Sequence Message Campaign is a great option for enhancing marketing strategies and customer interactions.  BotSailor  is a powerful, user-friendly, and easy-to-use tool to help you achieve your chatbot marketing goals on WhatsApp and Telegram platforms.





What is a Sequence Message?


Sequence Message is a built-in feature in the chatbot platform that allows users to create and customize sequences of messages or actions for chatbots on messaging platforms. This feature is designed to elevate the quality of interactions between chatbots and users by enabling the automation of a sequence of responses or actions, triggered by subscribers’ inputs or predefined triggers.




For example, a business could use Sequence Message to create a welcome sequence for new subscribers, which would automatically send a series of messages introducing the chatbot and its features, and inviting the subscriber to ask questions or learn more. Or, a business could use Sequence Message to create a customer support sequence, which would provide automated assistance to customers with common questions or issues.




Sequence Messages can be used to create a variety of different sequences, including:



  • Welcome Sequences: Welcome new subscribers with a personalized sequence of messages.

  • Customer Support Sequences: Provide customer support with a sequence of messages that answer common questions and resolve issues.

  • Lead Nurturing Sequences: Nurture leads with a sequence of messages that educate them about your products or services and encourage them to sign up for a free trial or make a purchase.

  • Sales Sequences: Using it, you can increase your sales and track your customer activities to improve marketing strategies.

  • Onboarding Sequences: Onboard new users with a sequence of messages that explain how to use your product or service and get the most out of it.

  • Promotional Sequences: Promote new products or services with a sequence of messages that highlight their benefits and encourage users to learn more.

  • Educational Sequences, etc.




What's the Sequence Message Campaign of BotSailor?


BotSailor Sequence Message Campaign feature allows you to create and manage sequences of messages that are sent to both active and inactive users at specific intervals. These sequences can be used to nurture leads, improve customer engagement, and automate marketing tasks. With this feature, you can also track the performance of your sequence message campaigns to see which ones are most effective. This can help you to improve the quality of interactions between chatbots and users by providing timely and contextually relevant responses.







You can create more complex sequences that include multiple messages, actions, and triggers. For example, you could create a sequence that nurtures leads by sending them a series of educational messages over some time. Or, you could create a sequence that automatically provides customer support to users who have abandoned their shopping carts.




Why do you need  BotSailor  Sequence?


The "New Sequence" feature in BotSailor chatbots allows you to create and customize automated sequences of messages or actions. This can help you to improve the quality of interactions between chatbots and users by providing timely and contextually relevant responses. This feature is a powerful tool that can help you create more intelligent and user-friendly chatbots. It can improve your customer interactions!


BotSailor's Sequence feature allows you to create and automate a series of messages and actions for your chatbot. So, Sequence Message is a powerful that can help businesses to automate their chatbot interactions and improve the overall customer experience.




Here are some ideas for why you can use the New Sequence feature in BotSailor chatbots:







      1. Set up a series of messages to be delivered at specific time intervals, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

      3. Optimize engagement through personalized messaging, Craft content, timing, and audience per message for effectiveness.

      5. Collect feedback from users and use it to improve your chatbot.

      7. Effortlessly engage your audience with a Sequence Message Campaign.

      9. Provide a series of helpful tips to users who are having trouble with a particular task.

      11. Automate customer support tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions and resolving simple issues.

      13. Customize sequences for campaign goals and choose preferred scheduling.

      15. Send personalized recommendations to users based on their past interactions with your chatbot.






Whether it’s delivering valuable content, nurturing leads, or guiding users through a process, this campaign type lets you create a seamless and automated journey that keeps your audience informed and engaged.