Overcoming Language Barriers: BotSailor's Update on Live Chat Translation


12 Feb 2024


The more languages you speak, the more you’re worth. This is especially true when it comes to business. Do you communicate with customers who exclusively speak Chinese or Spanish? Those are the two most-spoken languages in the world as a first language. So your customers may prefer to speak in them.


Using live chat translation can help bridge the communication gap and ease the minds of your customers, particularly when they need your help with a problem. However, BotSailor is proud to announce an impressive new feature to its platform: the Live Chat Translator feature. This new addition aims to change the way users communicate across language barriers, further enhancing the versatility and efficiency of the BotSailor platform


What is live chat translation exactly? How does live chat translation work? How can it benefit your business in the long run? Stay tuned to know the answers to these inquiries.




What is Live Chat Translation?


Live Chat Translator allows users to translate live chat communications in real-time into the language of their choice. This function makes sure that communication isn't hampered by language limitations, whether you're interacting with global friends, clients, or consumers.


Suppose you receive a message in Spanish while using English as your BotSailor's default language. This tool ensures easy understanding and efficient communication by enabling you to translate the message right away with only one click. Live Chat Translator, the default language of BotSailor, enables users to understand and reply to communications in any language easily.




How Does BotSailor Live Chat Translate Work?


If users receive a message in a foreign language while using BotSailor, they will see a translation at the bottom of the message. By selecting their preferred language, users can immediately translate the message, making it easier to understand and respond quickly. This user-friendly feature ensures that language barriers do not hinder effective communication on the BotSailor platform.







Why Do You Need Live Chat Translator?


For your customer service, live chat translation is essential because this feature allows you to communicate with customers from around the world without language limitations. It helps you differentiate your brand, saves money, and improves the customer experience.


 Research on consumer language preferences carried out in 29 different nations reveals that:



  • 65% of people prefer to consume online material in their native tongue, whatever its quality.

  • 66% of people use online machine translation.

  • 40% of people said they won't buy from websites that are in foreign languages.


This clearly shows that users who are unable to find the answers in their own language may leave your app or website.


The same applies to live chat that is offered in a single language. Potential customers may visit your websites or applications with interest in what you provide, but they may click away to find other services that meet their needs in their native tongue. The Live Chat Translation feature from BotSailor removes these obstacles, improving the user experience, promoting inclusivity, and enabling smooth cross-border communication.




Benefits of BotSailor’s Live Chat Translation


One of the most significant advantages of the Live Chat Translator feature is its ability to cater to a global audience. BotSailor's live chat translation offers the following main advantages:


Increased User Experience: BotSailor's Live Chat Translation tool increases user satisfaction and engagement by allowing users to understand interaction in their preferred language.


Enhanced Accessibility: With this feature, more users can use BotSailor's live chat, including people who might not speak the default language fluently.


Improved Communication: Users are able to speak more effectively and confidently when language barriers are removed, which facilitates smoother interactions and improved outcomes.




How to Use BotSailor Chat Translate


Procedures include:



  1. Log in to the BotSailor dashboard.

  3. Next, navigate to the "Account" section. This is usually located in the user dropdown menu or in the settings panel.

  5. Within the account settings, locate the Live Chat Translator Language.

  7. Select the language you prefer from the available options. The available languages will be listed in a dropdown menu or similar interface.

  9. Update your changes. There will typically be a "Update" button to confirm your selection.







By following these steps, you can effortlessly customize your language settings on BotSailor for seamless translation within the platform.






BotSailor's Live Chat Translation feature represents a significant step towards developing inclusive and effective communication in the digital age. By breaking down language barriers with just one click, BotSailor strengthens its user’s ability to connect, collaborate, and engage with one another across language divides. Log in to BotSailor today and experience the transformative power of seamless communication on the Live Chat platform.

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